Get Cash Advance from your Credit Card Company to Withdraw Money

This is a simple guide on How to get a Cash Advance from your Credit Card company at little or no interest rates. Before we begin, please be aware that most Debit or Credit card cash advances are convenient but costly. Always note that a cash advance is best used as a last resort, considering the many potential fees that can come with them. Please be guided accordingly. Now, lets continue.

First of all, what is A credit card? It is a small plastic card issued by a bank, building society, etc., allowing the holder to purchase goods or services on credit. Furthermore, this is based on the cardholder’s accrued debt. Now, a credit card can be a source of quick cash when you are in a difficulty. If at anytime you’re unable to cover an unexpected expense such as medical bill, home, automobile or school expenses, a cash advance from your credit card could help instantly if you qualify. The downside is that it may probably not come cheap.

Why is Cash Advance Made Available to Credit Card Users?

Because of policies of Federal Reserve System and other central banks of different countries, a lot of credit cards allow users to take a cash advance against their credit limit. This is to further strengthen the monetary system as well as helping citizens in time of emergency. Therefore, an advance or quick loan can be taken at an Automated Teller Machine (ATM), through a bank withdrawal booklet or using cash advance convenience check deliveries. There are different reasons to use a credit card for instant cash withdrawal, and, of course, there are pros and cons to consider while in use. However, you can check out the Cash Advance Services Near Me – Best Instant Cash Advance Loans Matching Services. Use it to access the service provider nears you. Believe me, its worth the while.

What is a Credit Card Cash Advance?

Before we continue, I believe it will very helpful to break down what constitutes a cash advance for a better understanding.

“A credit card cash advance is a debit against your credit card, which is a revolving, open-ended credit line; its also a withdrawal of cash from your credit card account.” says Todd Christensen, education manager for nonprofit debt relief company Money Fit. He went ahead to explain that there are costs to taking a credit card cash advance, which in some cases, limits on the amount you can withdraw from a bank.

Furthermore, a cash advance can provide a chunk of cash that you can spend as you like. In the light of this, cash advance is similar to a personal loan. But in terms of how much you can borrow at a time, the repayment model and the costs of borrowing, have some fundamental differences.

“Loans, as most people understand them, are closed-ended debts with a set moratorium, monthly repayment plan; payoff date and a specified interest rate,” Christensen says. These are the list of best personal loan companies.

New Updates You Should Know

In the long run, a cash advance can be completely repaid at the borrower’s wish. Let me give you an example; you could repay the advance in full on your next month’s statement. All you have to do is to simply make the minimum payment due or pay something in between. That explanation gives cash advance more flexibility than a loan, at least for repayment. However, note that each of those options carries their own cost differently.

This type of advance is not however an unlimited source of cash. A Credit card company may CAP (Capital Assistance Program) an individual cardholder’s cash advance limit. For example, if the card purchase limit is $10,000, the cash advance limit may be $2,500 or $4,000 instead. Do you understand it?

How to Take a Credit Card Cash Advance

Methods of taking an advance is usually different. Therefore, every credit card company has its own rules for taking a cash advance. Experts say that the very first step in taking an advance is to read the fine print on your credit card agreement. It will help you get clarifications of terms and conditions. They say knowledge is power right?

In the fine print, your card agreement should spell out the following:

  • Whether cash advances are allowed for the card or not.
  • The different methods are available for taking a cash advance.
  • List the charges/fees, if any, apply to cash advances.
  • Yearly maintenance charge; The annual percentage rate you’ll pay for a cash advance.
  • Explanation of how interest accrues on cash advance balances.
  • How to withdraw money from credit card without card or pin (if applicable)
  • The approved credit card cash advance limit for your card

JPMorgan Chase Bank, for instance, lists the cash advance Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and fees on the first page of its card-member agreement. It also give full guidelines for how card members can take an advance and how interest accrues on next pages.

After reading through the fine print, the next step is determining how much cash you can withdraw. There is no special credit card cash advance hack or trick to withdraw money from credit card. You must follow the laid down procedures to get cash advance. That being said, you can usually find that by checking your most recent statement or by logging into your online account. From there, you can decide how you want to receive a cash advance. Its that simple.

Ways of Taking Cash Advance

In recent times, most card issuers that allow you to take an advance give you 3 easy ways access the cash: (i) by withdrawing cash at an ATM, (ii) withdrawing cash from your card in person at a bank branch or (iii) using cash advance convenience checks.

1. Cash Advance from ATM

If you’re getting cash at an ATM, you’ll need to have a PIN set up for your credit card. So, all of you searching for how to withdraw cash from credit card without pin, stop wasting your time. You must have a pin to access an Automated Teller Machine. And you get a pin, by calling your card’s customer service line. The bank’s representative will provide one for you.

Once you have a PIN, you can visit an ATM, insert your card the same way you normally use a debit card, then look for the cash advance option on your account menu. From there, you can now select the amount of cash you want to withdraw. Notice that; you cannot, withdraw money than your cash advance limit. On the other hand, also bear in mind that the ATM might impose a limit on the amount you can withdraw per day.

2. Cash Advance from Across the at Counter Bank Branch.

For those looking for how to withdraw cash from credit card without card or pin, you have to walk into a banking hall. So, if you’re taking an advance against your credit card at a bank branch, you’ll need a photo ID for physical identification. A drivers license, voter card, national citizen card will do. In some banks, your work ID may not be acceptable for banking. Sometimes, you’ll also need to have the card in hand. In fact, a bank teller can help you with completing the cash advance form and also filling out any paperwork that’s required. You can ask the bank staff (customer service desk) for more details.

3. Cash Advance Convenience Checks

There are occasions where some credit card companies routinely mail out convenience checks for cash advances to customers. You can write out the check based on how you want to use it. (Ask your bank for guideline). So, if at any time you need to pay an unexpected medical bill, home, auto or school expenses for example, you could make the check out to the doctor’s, landlord’s, garage, or the school’s admin office respectively. In like manner, you could write it out to cash, then cash it at your bank. Basically, it’s not that different from writing any other type of check. The difference is that; instead of withdrawing money from a checking account, you’re withdrawing it from your credit card account.

What will you do if you don’t have any convenience checks on hand? All you have to do is to request them from your credit card company. Depending on the type of card, you may be able to make your request for convenience checks online or over the phone. Once again, your fine print will inform you the options you have. For example, this is a service Discover Credit Cards, Banking & Loans offers to its card members.

What Does a Credit Card Cash Advance Cost?

In this type of transaction, there are two costs to consider with a credit card cash advance: the cash advance fee and the APR.

“There are different terms and conditions, depending on the card you’re using,” says Jun Lee, customer retention manager at credit repair site ScoreShuttle. “In the end, most of them comes with high cash advance fees, which usually will cost you more than a purchase or withdrawal would have with your debit card.”

Basically, a cash advance fee is typically 2% to 8%. Secondly, it may have a minimum fee of $5 to $10. For example, if your cash advance fee is 4%, that simply means you’d pay $40 for a $1,000 advance.

Note: To also add to the cost, the ATM can also charge you a transaction fee for an advance.

Even more important than the fee is the interest you could pay for a cash advance. Not only is the APR for a cash advance typically much higher compared with the regular purchase APR, but the interest charges may kick in immediately.

“Most cash advances have no grace period, meaning your card company begins charging you interest the same day as the cash advance,” Christensen says.

Basic Difference Between Cash Advance and Purchase Balance

It is a thing of joy that your cash advance balance is usually considered to be separate from your purchase balance. This goes a long way to mean that the higher cash advance APR and the instant accrual of interest only apply to the cash advance.

Another important information to note is how your payments are applied when you have a cash advance balance and a purchase balance. Therefore, anytime you’re able to make any small payment, that amount may go to your purchase balance first. Meaning that anything you pay over the minimum is applied to the balance with the highest APR.

Trust me, completely paying off the cash advance in full as soon as possible is the best way to minimize interest charges. But if that’s not doable, cash advances can be a really expensive way to cover unplanned expenses and other emergencies.

Credit Card Cash Advance Alternatives

Experts recommendation is that a cash advance from a credit card may be a last resort when you need extra money to solve problems. The six alternative possibilities you might consider include the following:

  1. Personal loans from a bank or online lender.
  2. Peer-to-peer loans.
  3. 401(k) loans or an early withdrawal from an individual retirement account.
  4. Home equity loans or lines of credit.
  5. Personal lines of credit.
  6. Borrowing from friends and family.

These alternatives of credit card cash advances also have their advantages and disadvantages. You have to weigh you possible option before using any of them. For example, With a 502(k) loan, the legal tender you withdraw doesn’t have a chance to grow for your retirement. And taking money out of an IRA (individual retirement account) could trigger an regular income tax plus early withdrawal penalty.

After weighing your options and you’re not able to pursue any of these cash advance alternatives, there are still other final options to try. For example, you could ask your financial institution of how to borrow from a cash advance, payday or car title lender. Christensen points out that these can be highly expensive for you. He added that “these types of loans can carry annualized interest rates equivalent to 50% to 400%,”. So, a cash advance might be a better choice in this type of situation.

In conclusion, exploring every borrowing possibility can help you decide whether a cash advance makes the most sense or not. Lastly, if you make a decision to take an advance for any reason, do well to review your budget and come up with a plan for paying it off as quickly as you can. This will help you to reduce the total interest paid. I believe this article topic; Getting Cash Advance from your Credit Card Company to Withdraw Money is helpful. Feel free to apply for a loan or cash advance if you need it now. Best wishes.

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