Resize images before Sending Mail with iOS Gmail App?

Is there a way to resize images when sending with the iOS Gmail app? When you send photos via the iOS Mail app, you choose which sizes you want to send, and see the size of the total email for each option.

This question came into our mail this week from one of visitor and we will treat it now. He asked; I will like to know if there a way to do something similar with the Gmail iOS app, or are we stuck with original resolution? These questions comes up when Composing and Sending Messages, using Other Browser and iOS from Apple.

Are we stuck with original resolution?  – Our Response

You’re right. My suggestion would be to submit feedback regarding this issue to the team using the Send Feedback option under Gmail settings under the Gmail iOS mobile app.

The Google team is known to read all feedback submitted to them, although they may not respond back unless they desire additional information related to the topic of your feedback.

The purpose of sending Feedback is to give the team a measure of the volume of users been affected by an issue or requesting a particular feature. The larger the volume of users asking for a feature or reporting a bug, the higher priority it assumes.

The next day, he send this reply to us via mail; OK, thanks. I’ll do that. For now, it’s another reason to put off using the Gmail app and stick with the standard Mail app though.

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Gmail Resize images Guide

Again, we sent another mail to explain further to him. “As you pointed out, the mail app does a great job at resizing images (too bad the Gmail app can’t do the same)”.

What I do is use the Gmail app for most things (prefer the gestures, speed and organization of gmail to the mail app), but when I’m about to share images from photos I simply use the native mail app. Thats the simple solution to resize images when sending Mails with iOS Gmail app?

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The bottom line; Click the image to open a toolbar with “Small,” “Medium,” “Large” and “Original Size” links below the image. Finally, Click one of the links — “Small,” for instance — to resize your image. You can lookup Image Shrink—Batch resize – Apps on Google Play and download for free.