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10 Best Part Time Jobs to Pay your Bills – Vacancy for Students, Single Mum, Parents

Part-time jobs online are sometimes seen as dream jobs, to some it may be a passion driven job. Even if you have children and still want a career without having to work full-time hours. As a college student or retiree who is looking for genuine ways to make extra money, a part-time career is not out of place. Certainly, part-time jobs are better options to survive. You can choose this types of work because most of them has mouth watering payments and you still have time for other activities.

For whatever reasons, getting a part-time job is a safe option. You necessarily don’t need a part-time job because you earn poor wages in a dead-end job. No! So many organisations offer fulfilling work opportunities with pay that is commiserate.

Below are good careers placed high in as best Jobs ranking that also afford an individual good opportunities on part-time working. These are professional occupations that can serve as full-time jobs, even though they may require some level of expertise and education. This wage data is from the Bureau of Labour Statistics. Before you continue, take a look at our previous posts;

10 Best Part-Time Jobs:

  1. Home Health Assistant.
  2. Personal Care Giver.
  3. Recreation and Fitness Worker.
  4. Massage Therapist.
  5. Landscaper and Groundskeeper.
  6. Physical Therapist Assistant.
  7. Movie Actor.
  8. Local Restaurant Cook.
  9. Bartender.
  10. Dentist / Dental Hygienist.

We will begin the explanation fro 10 to 1 so we will all get a clearer picture of what we mean.

10. Dental Hygienist

Average hourly wages: $37.06

By having a good rapport with the dentist in your locality could pay you hourly as it be a pretty low-stress job. Thus, how many hours you work, will probably be sometime between Monday through Friday. Most dental hygiene practitioners usually do not over the weekends and are barely open in the evenings.

As a dental hygienist your job basically is to clean patients’ teeth, removing tartar, stains and plaque – before the dentist performs the check- up. An associate degree in  this field is a prerequisite to get the job.

9. Bartender

Average hourly wages: $12 per hour

Let’s say you have a flair for mixing drinks, it can help you fill a part-time position at a local or nearby lounge. Most especially if your evenings and weekends are less busy at your regular job. This is when bars tend to be at their busiest.

It’ll afford you ample time to interact with plenty of customers.

And if you’re excellent in making make Old Fashioned drinks as well as martini, margarita, cosmopolitan or a whiskey sour with the best of them, you’ll probably make far more than $12 an hour, when the tips  come rolling in.

8. Restaurant Cook

Average hourly wages: $13.10 per hour

Cooking is hard work, but not when it’s a hobby. Standing at a grill, with loads of orders pouring in to make lots of meals at once is quite tasking and requires mastery. Therefore, putting your culinary skills to use can be fun and rewarding work, it might be a great part-time job. You get to satisfy cravings while unleashing your inner Julia Child or Gordon Ramsay – but before you get too tired, you’re already on your way home, of course with extra cash.

Restaurant cooks work round the clock most especially evenings and weekends, because we must eat despite our busy schedules.  This is a job opportunity that does not need a college degree.  However, you need to know a lot about food, spices if you are to do well. If you have formal training on inter-continental delicacies and can produce complicated meals, you probably will work at exotic restaurants and receive more money.

7. Actor

Average hourly wages: $21.88

Some professional actors would prefer to work full time, but this is a profession that is well suited as part-time work. And even part-time work can be hard for an actor to find, because of its competitiveness. It also requires long unpredictable hours which can make things tricky.

Part-time actors always spend more time chasing professional engagements and may partially settle for jobs in modelling for print advertorials. It is a huge struggle to maintain a part-time professional acting career while working on a full-time basis. It is not an easy venture but that’s the nature of show business, money has to be made.

6. Physical Therapist Assistant

Average hourly wages: $24.02

Typically, this job requires an associate degree from a known program and a license or certification. It involves work in a hospital or physical therapist’s practice. Physical therapist assistants are on their heels and devote a huge amount of time to helping sick people especially those confined to walking aids to move around in order to speed up recovery..

This job can be done part-time if the hospital arranges for shift duties and relievers, aside that, therapist assistants are paid by families to help their sick on a full-time.

5. Landscaper and Groundskeeper

Average hourly wages: $16.25

Landscapers and groundskeepers are people whose major duty is to make sure gardens and lawns look great and remain healthy at public places like parks, golf courses, cemeteries, retirement homes, private homes, college campuses and office buildings. They work outdoors by planting, watering, mowing, fertilizing and weeding these eye-catching spots Due to its manual nature, usually, no formal education is required for this role, and workers learn on the job. Therefore, nights and some weekends are free for this category of workers.

Like every other profession, licenses are a necessity for those who jobs involve use pesticides and fertilizers in their day to day job.

Due to the flexibility in this profession, workers are able to decide how long they want to work for, if his employer simply wants to make sure a lawn or garden is attended to on a daily or weekly basis.

4. Massage Therapist

Average hourly wages: $20.97

People who work as massage therapists manipulate patient’s muscles to reduce pain, relieve stress and help heal injuries.

Massage therapists sometimes work in an office setting, for example, a chiropractor’s office, 35% of these professionals are self-employed, according to the BLS. It therefore is an occupation that can suffice full time or part time.  Some people choose to be self-employed massage therapists and can make their own schedule to meet up with clients at their homes or offices.

States have laws made to regulate this practise, but generally massage therapists need to complete a postsecondary education program of 500 or more hours.

3. Recreation and Fitness Worker

Average hourly wages: $13.67

Recreation parks, community centres, gyms or summer camps require the services of fitness workers.

Although their pay is sometimes not high, these jobs are fun, not too stressful for those who enjoy engaging with people. Therefore, it is great job for a college student, a parent who wants to work during the day but be home when the kids get back from school, or a retiree person who needs extra income. Getting paid for being physically active sounds cool.

2. Personal Care Aide

Average hourly wages: $13.02

People with chronic medical conditions need help in order to accomplish everyday tasks like making the bed and bathing. Thus the need for personal care aides, this position requires high school diplomas or certifications from relevant community health college programs .Intensive training, perhaps at a certified home health outfit or hospital, may include CPR certification.

These people may have to work in a client’s home, a group home or at a nursing facility.

It is physically tasking and requires full attention of the aide, which is why it lends itself well to a part-time job opportunity. It involves working with patients with deficiencies as well as mentally unstable clients. Being able to help the most vulnerable persons in the society is great relief.

1. Home Health Aide

Average hourly wages: $13.02

These are workers, whose duty is basically to support patients in day-to-day tasks like cooking and household chores. Recently, they are in high demand. These job opportunities require high school diplomas, competency exams or certificates. Professional training in CPR is of great importance.

The flexible nature of these workers makes their service a do without in the everyday lives of people. Home health aides usually have numerous clients they are scheduled to visit every single day, although they may work for longer periods for one person in a particular home.

Home health aides may be on the go a lot, traveling from one client’s home to another, but they spend a lot of quality time with patients one-on-one and make a positive difference in people’s lives. Lastly, we believe we have been able to show you the 10 Part-time jobs that pay well across the world.