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Baidu English and China Language: This article explains information about Baidu English version of website. Baidu Inc is a leading Chinese language search engine, that provides “simple and reliable” search experience for users in China.

Baidu search engine is often referred to as “China’s Google,” or “China’s Yahoo Search” but because other non speaking Chinese countries could not read it, they finally launched its new English-language Web site for other English countries. Baidu in Chinese language offers multi-media content including MP3 music and movies, the first to offer WAP and PDA-based mobile search across China speaking country.

About Baidu Inc.

Baidu Inc. was founded in January 1st 2000, but incorporated on January 18, 2000. It is a public types of search engine traded as NASDAQ: BIDU on Wikipedia. The Baidu English / Chinese web services company has its headquarters at the Baidu Campus in Beijing’s Haidian District in China. It has served the world wide area with Robin Li heading the company as the CEO.

The company is categorized under the Internet Industry with a revenue of CYN 49.052 billion (2014 statistics). Their operating income is estimated at CYN 12.804 billion, a total asset of CYN 99.66 billion and a total equity of CYN 52.61 billion. Baidu English and China has since June 30th 2014 employed 40,500 staffs who works on the Baidu website

Baidu English / China offers numerous services in Chinese language ranging from audios, videos and even the main Baidu English Search engine. The Baidu English and China search engine provides over 740 indexed web pages, 80 images and over 10 millions multimedia files like Mp3 music, Mp4 Movies etc for general usage.

Baidu has a similar site like the Wikipedia which is a china Encyclopedia (Baidu Baike) because access to the English Encyclopedia has been blocked in China. The articles in Baidu Baike can only be editted by only registered users so as to suite the copyright laws of China.

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Baidu English and China Overview

Baidu is an English and Chinese website and search engine that allows individuals to gather information and locate what they require. Baidu English / Chinese offers functional online search, Tieba community search, industry-based vertical search, mp3 search, portal channels, and instant messaging services. The products and services of Baidu English and Chinese includes Baidu Webpage, Baidu Video, Baidu Map,, BaiduPedia, Baidu Input, Baidu Toolbar, TTPlayer etc.

Baidu English Search

This is Baidu English version search engine which is translated in English language. The website is in no way associated with Baidu. You can search the website Baidu in english by using the search bar on the webpage. All you need to do is to enter in your search term and click the search button after the search box. Baidu English Page

Services of Baidu English and Baidu Chinese

China’s Largest Search Engine Baidu Launches English Site – The Baidu Chinese and Baidu English offers different services to help user find information, products and services offered by different companies and individuals.

The Baidu English is Baidu Online Translation to English language. This Baidu English version was created because lots people has been search questions like; Can I set to produce English language pages? How to get Baidu in English language? How can I use Bada Bing and Baidu Bing on English Search?

Due to these question; Baidu decided to offers English-speaking developers a chance to translate China language to English. It was later reported that Bing is to power Baidu English Results.

The search engine uses the Chinese Language and English search terms such as the advanced search, Chinese phonetics, spell check, news, images, videos, snapshots, stock quotes, knows, weather, bus, train and flight schedule and another internal local information used by users around the world. There is also a Baidu application for Apple’s iOS which available for download from Apple Store.

Other Baidu English Services Include;

Baidu Maps, Baidu Yun or cloud, Baidu Post Bar, baidu News, Baidu knows, Baidu Mp3 and Mp4 search, Baidu image search, Baidu space for social networking.

Baidu Encyclopedia which is also called the China Digital Village Encyclopedia which contains Baidu Postal Code, Baidu Government Information search, Educational and Legal search, Baidu Love, Baidu Games, Baidu Youa and Soba.

Thy also have Baidu Antivirus, Baidu TV, Baidu library. Baidu Qunar cayman Island limited which is a travel booking service also provided by Baidu English and Baidu Chinese.