Why is Gmail App Size so Large for Android Phone? 80mb

Have you checked the Gmail app size on your android phone? Sending mails has been made easy to all mobile phone users. You can send mails directly from your browser but its even more simplified when you have the app in your phone.

But wait, Why is Gmail app size so large for Android? About 80mb of your phone storage will be used to store the application on your android phone. Tags: Managing Settings and Mail, Other Browser, Android APK phone

What do you think about 80MB for an email app on your phone. How come? (And I mean apart from app data and cache) And what’s the info on update? Bug fixes and performance improvements? is there a better update coming soon to reduce it or something? Lets have a discussion in the comments section.

No matter how much space we still have left, if we (as users) don’t stand against this UNJUSTIFIABLE ruthless expansion, it’s gonna be bad, I don’t know why and how, I just know it’s gonna be bad. I’ve done my part and sent my own feedback, please contribute and send one to Google.

What we know about Gmail app size

Hello Google’s Gmail app user, that’s 80MB of memory space, not 80GB.  That’s not very big if you are using a recent android version! Adobe Acrobat (PDF Reader) is 181MB!  I checked the Gmail app on my phone and it shows only 44.7MB with 382MB of data. Admittedly I have several accounts in my Gmail app.  My Gmail app is version 2020.02.16.297705979.release. We recommend you delete irrelevant mails and attachments to free up space on your phone. Secure Your Data with this Guide.

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Finally, keep in mind that Google offers 15 GB of free storage with every account. However, many users are hitting the limits given. Use these tips (here) to clear some room, and tidy your inbox while you’re at it.